Mary Cody Beadworks

Mary I design jewelry with a subtle message which hopefully inspires your own passion.

Using Delica Rhodium, 24 kt gold and glass beads, I hand stitch each piece, resulting in about 300 beads per square inch.

In 2006 I took the leap. After witnessing the devastating toll a corporation took on my dear friends, I decided to rely on my art. One night shortly into the venture, I accidently spilled the dish which held hundreds of the speck size beads. Deflated, I viewed the costly scattered colors strewn across the floor when within me I heard, "Just pick up the pieces." From that moment I started creating what I jokingly named "my messed up" pieces, but soon customers were requesting them using other names such as:

                         Confetti - Stained Glass - Rainbow

It occurred to me what each of these represent:

Confetti - a joyous celebration
Stained Glass - spiritual inspiration
Rainbow - promise of hope

It is my belief God takes something in each of us, our "messed up" pieces and uses it for something beautiful. May you find your own colorful purpose that delights your heart's desire.

I found the Magic of being a Spartan fan in the late 70's. My Dad wasn't a sports fan, but allowed me to turn the channel to see (in his words) "What the fuss was all about."

I hold fond memories of watching games on the console Zenith with my father. Currently game days have morphed into conference calls and texting with my daughters. Technology changes, but the energy, spirit and bonding remain the same.

Watching the talent of a dedicated athlete motivates and inspires. We witness the diligence of those pursuing their love with a vision. From designers to doctors, we admire the ones determined to follow their passion.

In 2014 I added green and white designs to the original multi colored signature look. Once again customers stated their preferences. Within a couple years my daughter Ashley insisted her love for baseball and hockey be acknowledged and she developed the team additions.

With joy I've created this additional line for those who enthusiastically play their part in the daily game.


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